Walking the line between Electro and Pop, while drawing in elements of Hip Hop, is the formidable sound of Pixelthief.

Born Milad Darani, Pixelthief grew up in Iran and turkey, before relocating to Canada. It was clear early on that Pixelthief had an ear for music. He was raised listening to his families disco records. Upon moving to Canada, he was drawn into the local urban music scene, where Pixelthief discovered a passion for Hip Hop music and remixing.

Throughout the frigid Canadian winters, Pixelthief sharpened his remixing abilities and was soon a common fixture at top Canadian nightclubs. During his time as a DJ, Pixelthief has opened for artists such as Mia Martina, and become known for his energetic style.

Pixelthief has always had a sixth sense about music trends. He realized, early in the 2000s, that Dance and Electronic music were about to explode onto the North American Scene. It was at this point that he began to experiment with music production, and unearthed his signature style.

In the years since his emergence as a prominent Canadian DJ, Pixelthief has attended Point Blank Music School in London, receiving his diploma in Music Business and Production. He is currently preparing for the release of his debut dance album, including his first single, Clone Me.